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CERN Table Football Club

Accelerating Table Football
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Who are we?
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CERN Table Football Club’s aim is to provide the whole CERN community with the chance to enjoy the game of table football, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Founded in 2017, we have 2 tables on the Meyrin site and 1 in Prevessin. We meet every Thursday evening in R1 and organise wider tournaments several times per year.


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Where are we?
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Restaurant 1 (Close to the exit to the Staff Association)

Restaurant 2 (At the main entrance)

B.774 Cafeteria, Prevessin (The back room)


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Follow us
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The best way to keep up to date with Club news is to follow our Facebook and / or Twitter accounts.


CERN & Society Tablefootball Tournament

The next CTFC and CERN & Society Foundation charity tournament is now in the diary! Registrations are OPEN and as you begin your stretches and start visualizing the glittering prizes, we thought it was time to provide a little more detail on how the tournament will unfold.

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- Play will START at 5.30pm* in R1 each day
- Your GROUP GAMES will be held on either the evening of Wednesday (24th) or Thursday (25th) and FINALS & PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY on the Friday (26th) evening
- Which evening you play your group games will be determined once registration is complete on 21st July
- ALL 3 TABLES will be in R1 for the event and your matches will be distributed across each of them
- Matches will be DOUBLES
- You can partner with anyone you like provided you both have an existing CERN access pass necessary to reach R1
- Looking for a PARTNER? Let us know in the Facebook comments or by DM or email

*N.B. – If teams scheduled to play a group game one evening agree instead to play during the day, this is fine of course and will help ease potential table traffic later. Just remember to record your score as each goal counts!


15 CHF entry fee per team ALL of which goes to CERN & Society Foundation’s education & outreach programme
Registration link:


We generally play in line with the official ITSF rules which can vary a little from some key French and Italian rules. Here are the main points:


    -- No spinning


    -- Each fixture is 1 game
    -- First to score 7 goals wins
    -- Always record your final score


    -- Each fixture is best of 5 games (first to win 3 games) and 5 goals wins each game
    -- You can score using any player on the table including any midfielder or attacker in any position
    -- You can trap and control the ball

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Where can I play?
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Restaurant 1 (Close to the exit to the Staff Association)
1 game = 1 CHF
Restaurant 2 (At the main entrance)
1 game = 1 CHF
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Joining the Club
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CERN Table Football Club members play for free at all our regular meet-ups. We meet every Thursday in R1 from 18h00 and also organise other events and outings throughout the year. In addition, entry into our site-wide tournaments will also be free of charge for CTFC members.

To join we ask for one-time fee of 15 CHF and this is further reduced to just 5 CHF for members of CERN’s Staff Association. To complete the process, please send us your preferred email address, your CERN ID number and Staff Association number, if applicable. Once we have received your payment using the details below, you’re good to go!

Account Name: CERN Table Football Club

IBAN: CH22 0027 9279 1653 6540 D


Note: Please provide your name in the transaction details.